Thursday, March 01, 2007

Science Videos

I saw a link on BoingBoing today about free documentaries on Google video. This got me started looking for kid-friendly science videos. Finding them in all of the clutter is hard, but there are some interesting resources available for free. If you have ever done the "oobleck" activity (i.e., cornstarch and water), you may want to check out some of the demonstrations available. (The link is for a "corn starch water" search. You may want to try other search terms as well.) Several videos, including one showing here, demonstrate vibration of the solution, creating some fascinating results.

There is so much that can be learned from such a simple solution, you should use extend "oobleck" lessons as much as possible. If you are looking for good lesson plans around oobleck, there are many out there. Two of the best are in Afterschool Science PLUS (review / link) and Great Explorations in Math and Science.


Dave Bradley said...

I posted to the Sciencebase site a video showing pop sci experimentalist Robert Krampf demonstrating water's properties using a balloon filled with water held in a candle flame. I thought it was quite an impressive demo, it never occurred to me that it was at all controversial. But, this morning I had an outraged email telling me this video is dangerous and that kids could start filling balloons with inflammable liquids and cause themselves and others serious harm.

I called the post "Saving a Balloon with Water" and you can watch the video here

Should I remove the vid, is it really going to wreak havoc in households across the world when kids start filling balloons with petrol, lighter fluid, and other nasties. Or is it just a bit of harmful fun with far more exciting alternatives on Youtube and elsewhere like WD40 stunts and Mentos and Diet Coke tricks, for kids intent on wreaking havoc to try?


Anonymous said...

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