Tuesday, July 08, 2008

After-school Science for Adults?

Apparently science after school is not just for kids. If you live in NYC, "Talking Science" offers events at a local bar that make science exciting and fun. The quote from the site that I think tells it all is: "[NPR Science Friday host] IRA FLATOW ON A BED OF NAILS!!"


debs said...

I heard about this! What a great idea.

It would also be interesting to see something like this not at a bar, but at a place where youth and adults could both attend. I'm curious if any other city will copy the model or make something of their own.

Nice blog, by the way!

Children and Youth Blog

Unknown said...

One of the challenges facing science in society today is that the supplies and ideas aren't exactly mainstream. To my dismay, I walked into Radio Shack to take a look at their electronic experiment kits and they NO LONGER have them in the stores. Hence, you have to go online.

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