Tuesday, May 04, 2010

2010 Conference on Science and Technology in Out-of-School Time

September 22-24, 2010 Los Angeles, California
Hosted by the Coalition for Science After School and Project Exploration
Presented Sponsor: Time Warner Cable

About the Conference:
This conference convenes a national cross-section of 400+ stakeholders involved in the growing movement for science and technology out-of-school. Sessions highlight key developments in the field – with a particular focus on access and equity issues affecting populations historically underrepresented in science - including: research-based best practices, professional development for program providers, program and curriculum development, evaluation, systemic approaches to aligning science education in – and out – of school time, and funding trends.

Who is the Conference for?
This conference targets national and local leaders involved with science education out-of-school: youth development and out-of-school program directors; executive directors and CEOs of informal science institutions; leaders of community-based organizations; representatives from K-12, community colleges and higher education; researchers and policymakers tracking regional and national trends in innovation, science and workforce development; foundation and corporate funders involved with youth development and science education reform.

Conference Agenda:
• Raise awareness about ways out-of-school time science and technology efforts positively impact students’ lives, enhance 21st-century skill-building, and expand the science and technology career workforce;
• Build capacity in the field by facilitating and strengthening the development of partnerships, networks and models that exemplify what works for engaging and retaining students to science;
• Outline an agenda for regional, state-wide and national efforts to support students’ involvement with science and technology.

For more information visit www.afterschoolscience.org or contact: Gabrielle Lyon at glyon@projectexploration.org or 773.834.7620.

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