Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Astronomy in Afterschool

Lots of kids--and adults--are intrigued by what exists beyond our home planet. Astronomy--the study of space and the universe as a whole--is a wide field with many inherent opportunities for doing science outside of the classroom. As yesterday's Solstice and last week's lunar eclipse show, stunning astronomical events are happening all the time. Whether you're watching an astronomy show in a planetarium or working with a group to interpret planet sightings through a telescope, when you're making astronomical observations--you're doing science!

Many local and state astronomy groups are members of the Coalition for Science After School. They offer star parties, group observations, lectures from astronomy professionals, and more. No clear skies in your area? Many science centers and planetariums have regular shows, seasonal camps and afterschool classes, and special astronomy activities. Search for astronomy opportunities by zip code at the Connectory.

Looking for more resources for including astronomy in afterschool programs? Check out these resources:

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