Monday, January 30, 2012

STEM Education in the State of the Union address

We are thrilled that Washington DC is buzzing about STEM education lately!
Last November, Congressman Michael Honda of Silicon Valley proposed the STEM Education Innovation Act, which would create an Office of STEM Education in the Department of Education.  Read Congressman Honda’s appeal to Congress to pass the STEM Act here
Last week, President Obama highlighted the importance of STEM education in his State of the Union address.  Here is some of our favorite media coverage of the address, where the President linked STEM education to American innovation, jobs and the economy.
US News & World Report, STEM Education blog “Obama Pushes STEM in State of the Union” 
Education Week, Curriculum Matters blog “Obama Emphasizes STEM Education in State of the Union” 
Then the Today show did a heartwarming story about a recently homeless teenager who was invited to attend the State of the Union address.  What has helped her stay positive during this difficult time for her family?  Doing science!  Watch her story here.
What do you think of the conversations in Washington about STEM Education?  Add your comments to this conversation in the Scientific American blog post, “Science Education Experts Respond to Obama’s Speech”.

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