Wednesday, November 14, 2012

#DIYandSTEM Twitter Chat Archive

Thank you to the makers, DIY and robotics enhusiasts in the science after school community who joined us today on our terrific #DIYandSTEM chat!  Folks provided so many great ideas, resources and comments so we archived it here for easy reference.

If you missed today's chat, don't worry!  The community is still using #DIYandSTEM on Twitter to share ideas, inspiration and resources.  Go ahead and post your own answers to our chat questions:

  • Q1 Why is hands-on learning important for youth?
  • Q2 What is special about afterschool and summer DIY learning opportunities?
  • Q3 How do DIY activities support STEM education?
  • Q4 What strategies can we use to engage both girls and boys in DIY and robotics activities?
  • Q5 What DIY, Maker and robotics resources or examples can we look at for inspiration?
  • Q6 How do we help youth build mastery and gain confidence with hands-on projects?
  • Q7 What makes for a high-quality hands-on STEM activity?

Not on Twitter? Post your #DIYandSTEM thoughts on our Facebook page.

We're always looking for new ways to connect with our community.  Have a great idea for the next Twitter chat?  A photo of your favorite DIY in STEM moment?  Or maybe you'd like to contribute to this blog as a guest blogger?  Let us know!

Thanks again for a great conversation today!

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