Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Apply for the Excellence in Summer Learning Award!

The National Summer Learning Association’s (NSLA) Excellence in Summer Learning Award recognizes outstanding summer programming that demonstrates excellence in accelerating academic achievement and promoting healthy development for young people between kindergarten and twelfth grade.

The initial application to be considered is easy to complete, and in addition to recognizing the Excellence Award-winning programs, NSLA will also recognize summer learning innovations with the Summer Sparks awards in high-interest categories such as:
Family Engagement,
Digital Learning, 
Health and Nutrition, 
Early Literacy, and 
New Vision for Summer School (only school district applicants are eligible for NVSS). 

All programs also receive detailed written feedback--highlighting both strengths and recommendations for improvement based on NSLA's quality standards. Previous winners have used the recognition in fundraising efforts and received local and national publicity. NSLA also works closely with each award winner to promote awardees to media and policymakers.  

You can learn more and download the application at www.summerlearning.org/excellenceaward. Applications are due to NSLA by Friday, February 8, 2013.

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