Monday, March 26, 2012

Western Region 4-H Science Academy

The Coalition is at UC Davis this week for the Western Region 4-H Science Academy.  We are honored to be participating and learning with the 4-H leadership about curriculum, professional development, evaluation and partnerships for high quality science programs within the 4-H organization.  It is clear that 4-H is a leader in informal science learning, so we are very excited to be here!

The Academy kicked off today with Alan Friedman who gave a presentation called "What kids learn about science outside of school is a nice enrichment to what they learn in school - or is it actually the other way around?"

We're thrilled that Coalition Director Carol Tang will give the keynote talk tomorrow on quality science after school for all youth.  Her talk will be streaming live tomorrow at 8:00AM PST, so we invite you to listen in!

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