Thursday, April 05, 2012

The 2012 San Diego Festival of Science & Engineering

I had so much fun at the San Diego Festival Expo Day that I wanted to share a few pictures.  Expo Day is the grand finale of the Festival Week, and over 50,000 people from the San Diego area attended!  Here we are getting ready for the big day.

I helped run the science activities in the Time Warner Cable booth, along with some great volunteers from 4-H.  Here they are getting the bubble exploration station ready.

I knew the bubbles would attract the younger children, but kids of all ages enjoyed figuring out which wand shapes produced the biggest bubbles, or the biggest cluster of bubbles!

All of this laid the foundation to talk about Time Warner Cable's Wouldn't It Be Cool If... competition.  Kids shared their innovative ideas with us on the back wall.  The contest just ended this week and the finalists are going to the FIRST Robotics Championship at the end of this month!  I'm so excited to see whose awesome idea is going to win...

At the booth we also made delightful pinwheels...

...and handed out silly puddy...

...and basically had an engaging, awesome, STEMriffic day!  Thank so much to everyone at Time Warner Cable San Diego and the 4-Hers of San Diego - it's wonderful to work with great partners like you!

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